ARIES NECKLACE Coin Red Jasper Pendant and Green Jasper Beads 14K Gold Filled Findings 18 Inches

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Jewelry: Princess necklace for women / Men's choker
Gemstones: Red jasper & Green jasper
Findings: 14 karat gold filled
Length: 18 inches
Packaging: FREE red jewelry box
Jewelry weight: 31 g
Weight with packaging: 178 g

Gemstones: Aries Birthstones

Red jasper

Signifying courage, perseverance and healing, red jasper is believed to help an Aries see his or her endeavors through to the end.

Green jasper

Believed to enhance health, self-esteem and protection, green jasper makes a suitable charm for Aries, whose energy and impulses may take a toll on his physical health.

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