GEMINI BRACELET Grey Agate Pendant and Tiger Eye Beads Stainless Steel Findings 7 Inches

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Jewelry: Bracelet
Gemstones: Agate & Tiger eye
Findings: Stainless steel
Length: 7.25 inches (fits wrists of up to 7.25")
Packaging: FREE red gift bag
Jewelry weight: 25 g
Weight with packaging: 42 g

Gemstones: Gemini Birthstones


Believed to bring eloquence, shrewdness and temperance, agate is believed to make the Gemini person, not only eloquent, but tact and circumspect as well.

Tiger eye

Representing courage, optimism and resolve, tiger eye is believed to enhance inner strength, and help the Gemini bring his or her ideas into reality.

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